The Mission at Ecofarm is to form a sustainable, eco-friendly, farm-based intentional community that provides for most of the needs of the community members.
Members are community-minded.  They are focused on maintaining the well-being of the community and striving towards increasing sustainability. Meaningful work, a social environment, and community activities cultivate an atmosphere of common purpose and shared experiences.
Prospective members need no money to join, only a willingness to put the community first and a debt-free state is required.  Visitations can be arranged by appointment for those interested in being a part of the Ecofarm Vision.


a70515_167_We believe that the world is at a critical decision crossroads.  The survival of our planet, indeed the human race, is at stake.  Science has confirmed what we are witnessing first-hand.  Global warming, resource depletion, escalating population growth, mass extinctions and other world-wide events demand that we adopt a more sustainable lifestyle as stewards of the world we all live in.  Our personal decisions in daily living are the key to changing this destructive course.
As Ecofarmers, we strive to be the change we want to see in the world by farming organically for local markets and home use, utlizing alternative technologies and permaculture, minimizing resource use and living in community.  We’re also involved in helping others in finding more sustainable solutions for everyday living through education and demonstration of subjects such as native and edible landscaping, reuse, recycling, conservation, and more.  As citizens in the Sunshine State, we place a strong emphasis on solar projects, such as solar heating, cooking and electricity.

Additional Information…
Our plan for community can be found in the writings of Ralph Borsodi.  In the 1930s he stated the need to create a sustainable human culture, which, among other principles, has been adopted by the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC) and the Fellowship of Intentional Communities (FIC), the publisher of the Communities Directory (see www.ic.org).
Diana Christian’s book, “Creating a Life Together” is also an excellent resource for forming community.