Produce Markets!!

We have been very busy growing, selling and eating our really fabulous produce.  Since the beginning of the fall season we have sold at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curbmarket on some Saturdays (now mostly by pre-order only) and Sweetwater Organic Community Farm on Sundays.  More recently we added the Friday Tampa Downtown Market and started up order deliveries at the Health Food Center of Winter Haven bi-weekly. We are totally humbled by the response of customers everywhere we go.  Thank you!!  And please consider shopping at your local farmers markets for many necessities–and unique, personal gift items made by local artisans.  It’s all about community–and really good karma.

Pay attention to this —–>

It appears that our state has spent the federal stimulus money on more inspectors to crack down on small farmers, home cottage industries and herbalists that sell their wonderful and healthy products at various public markets.  Recent ‘busts’ at Tampa Bay area markets are extremely disturbing., and involve dumping entire inventories of healthy FOOD and natural products…It’s already illegal to buy and sell raw milk, cheese and other ‘live’ dairy products for human consumption, not to mention virtually any edible or medicinal product not produced in a Certified Kitchen, as defined by the State of Florida (some states are even worse).  Lately it’s obvious that Big Ag is running scared, and they have the government thugs behind them.