Randy Hayes of the Rainforest Action Network

The Sustainable Living Show March 22, 2010

On today’s Sustainable Living program our first guest was a member of the Gulf Coast Conservancy, an environmental advocacy group located in Pasco County.  Presently, they’re fighting a development on some of Florida’s last remaining natural coastline, called Southwest Harbor Towne.  This item will be voted on by the Pasco County Commission this coming Tuesday, March 23, 2010.  Next up, we were honored to have Randy Hayes, founder of the Rainforest Action Network joining the program by phone from California. Randy has an extensive Bio, including being an officer at the World Future Council, heading up Oakland Green Cities initiatives, and attending the last UN Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen.  He’s also an advocate for Feed-in Tariffs, and helped the city of Gainesville FL adopt the first feed-in tariff in the United States.  Randy is headed back to Florida this weekend, March 26-28 to attend the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy in Orlando.

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