Barefooted Sustainable Living Conference

Sustainable Living Show, November 16, 2009

 Our first guest on today’s program was a young mental health intern who’s trying to promote gardening to improve nutrition, reduce stress, exercise, and for a sense of accomplishment. Matt Fahy will be doing four gardening workshops in Saint Petersburg at the Twigs and Leaves Nursery starting November 28.  Matt’s phone number is 727-488-2597 for more information.   Next up we had a group of Barefoot Gardeners tell us about their Sustainable Living Conference coming up this weekend, November 21 & 22.  To find out more you can visit  Tom Carroll, and Peg & Jeff Campbell helped answer listeners’ gardening questions for the remainder of the show. Ants seemed to be the hot topic. Tom suggested Boric Acid, Jeff was for urinating on them, and Peg just stays clear.

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