Thanks for visiting our website! The ECOFARMFL name was created by our family and a couple of others interested in starting a farm-based Intentional Community (IC) in 2000. I was inspired to form a community after finding the Intentional Community website, which provides a blueprint for living in a way that is more people-friendly than the typical American lifestyle that is based on money and competition. Although our efforts to form a community have not succeeded so far, I still believe in the basic principles spelled out by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities (FIC) on the IC website.    
We are still interested in ICs and welcome people of all ages and backgrounds, families, and individuals who are interested in building a sustainable, farm-based community here in Florida to consider joining us in our efforts.  We’ve been living and farming since 1985 and have chosen an Earth and people-friendly mission, so you should be willing to live here in Florida and accept the general meaning of our mission. We understand that this contradicts the rules of starting successful communities; but there are benefits to starting with the land and infrastructure paid for, established good local community relationships, and a positive cash flow farm business.
Our focus is on sustainable living, farming, alternative energies (solar), permaculture, environmental issues, social justice and pasture-based farming. Farm products include organic vegetables (non-certified) and eggs, ornamental trees, cane syrup, water buffalo dairy products, and native plants. We also have mechanic and wood-working shops. Community outreach activities include the Sustainable Living program (, farmers’ markets, and support of global community efforts. Carpentry, mechanics and/or agricultural experience is a plus. Wish List of Projects: finishing the dairy, building a wood gasifier, converting some tractors to electric, etc.
This is our most recent ad on the IC website: We own a small diverse farm near Tampa, Florida, USA, based on the principles of permaculture, sustainable farming, and science. We grow vegetables, raise animals, and try to do about anything that’s Earth friendly. We’ve tried and failed at forming some kind of IC; but never have quite given up. Our farm is sub-divided, so we do have options as far as partnerships and community. Presently, we do have extra living space and plenty to do. We’re in our sixties and our young grandchildren live with us, so we’re looking for help, but are not helpless. Yes, to most people farming is a dirty word; but small, sustainable community farms are the only real solution to many problems that will never be solved going in the direction we’re heading.
Successful communities should have emotionally mature members that agree on their mission and have good social and communication skills. These skills require a lot of education and practice and all should understand how communities succeed.  Most successful community land is owned in common; but presently our farm is a sole proprietorship. In the past we’ve talked and come up with different plans to provide security for others that have lived here; including long-term leases, a community land trust, individually deeded parcels, acquiring additional adjoining land for members’ ownership, etc. I’m sure there are others. How we feel this can happen is in the Visiting ECOFARM section of this website.