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Ecofarmfl 2024

Ecofarm’s today is generally the same as it was 24 years ago, just a domain name. True physical things have change Debbie and I are in our 70’s, buildings, farm equipment, etc. are aging. Still our mission is more regent that in the past. Over the last quarter century our planet as reach many environment tipping points, so our hope of preserving nature for future generations is rapidly vanishing. So we still feel that regardless of these future concerns, that it’s only moral to continue our attempt to form an eco-people friendly community.

I’m writing this in March and we’ve had pretty good weather over winter. So our market garden business is do good, were usually sold out for both market we attend unless of bad weather.  Also the milk business is good, so we don’t have enough milk to freeze and are cutting back on customers’ orders. The biggest problem with the buffalo is the butchering, it hard for us to find a good affordable locally. To be truly a sustainable closed loop farm we really need to do this on site. The herd has grown to 24, most we’re ever had.  We did 2 batches of sugar cane syrup this year and the mill worked well. Hopefully we’ll be growing a little more cane for this coming season. Sort got behind in our eatable plant nursery and presently Brother Kirk has volunteered to help catch up ready to start selling plants again. Getting ready to start picking mulberries, got potatoes spouting, ready to start sweet potatoes and cucumbers plus all the spring plantings are planted.

For the last 3 years Joe was only longer stay person here but left last week.  Now we have a very nice couple that has been here over 6 months. So the 4 of us are trying to keep the place going. Just meet a couple local folks that are going to move a camper here and start volunteering. We’re still looking for others want to help. I’m 75 and Debbie not too far behind so would really like come up with a future plan, willing will, land trust, etc.  We started working on this last fall but had to get though a law suit settlement, which put things on hold.

Both our grandchildren are teenagers now and are still living with us. Hayley helps at the market at times and CJ works on the farm a little. Neither of them seems to be really interested in what going on here but are good persons, considering everything. We love them a lot. Our son and his girlfriend still live on the other end of the farm and don’t care about the farm.

Time fly’s and you have to wonder what’s next. Still we live we on a beautiful farm, enjoying some of the best food on the planet, thankful for our wonderful local friends that support us and enjoying Joey and Crystal’s love for our farm and us. Most all being able to live a good life with good people as stewards of our planet all while closing the loop!

Recently I’ve studying a report from the Commission Children at Risk written in 2003 called “Hardwired to Connect” about rising rates of mental and emotional problems among U.S. children and adolescents. It talks about the need for Authorities (not an authoritarian) Communities to better our children’s lives and one point that stood out for me is the need for spirituality in children’s lives. True I knew this was important but my distained for religions keep me from understanding the important of spirituality. Anyhow I feel we should form a non-profit church based on love for earth and human connections.