Irma Is Over and We’re Still Here (09/22/2017)

~~Thanks to all that came out last week to support our market–I found a lot of what I was looking for from other vendors, I hope you did too! More vendors should be coming out this week now that most are recovering and need to get out and make a living. It seemed odd to see so few customers in Mitchells Coffee Shop and Crispers last week, so I do hope more folks will liven up the atmosphere this Saturday–and get some good stuff too!  We had a couple of new food vendors at the market last week; but you’ll have to come and see for yourself 🙂 As one of the very few vendors that actually grow everything we sell, we will be limited in our selection for several weeks, until the cherry tomatoes and other fall crops start coming in.  More and more veggies are starting to sprout and it is actually cooling off very slightly (we can tell since we rarely use a/c), so we’re hopeful.  
~~This week we’ll be bringing more Okra, Sweet potatoes, tropical pumpkins and Israel basil, as well as Ice cream bananas, persimmons, starfruit and a maybe few limequats.  Karen made a fresh supply of her yummy seasonal Pestoand Super Nutra-loaf, and we may bring some nice 4″ Sungold tomato plants in case you’d like to try growing your own. As usual, we will have a limited supply of fresh, raw Water buffalo milk for the lucky folks…er, pets, so please pre-order dairy if possible.
~~Most of you probably know that Jon, my other half, has programmed the Sustainable Living Show on WMNF Community Conscious Radio (88.5 FM) every other Monday for years.  This coming Monday at around 10:05 AM he will be hosting some experts regarding emergency solar systems and generators, and other subjects very pertinent to our recent problems.  Whether you believe in Global Climate Change or not, the proof is there; the gulf waters alone are typical 5-7 degrees above normal, fueling more and more of these storms and other global disasters (earthquakes, extreme drought & wildfires, loss of wheat crops, etc).  Even though we have a solar intertie (we feed solar power to the grid and get credit) our power is cut along with everyone else; so we all need to think about being more efficient and having some kind of back up for next time–and there will be a next time. Tune in–and participate–Monday at 10:05AM, 88.5fm.  See you this Saturdayat the Market!
~~Raw Water Buffalo Milk & other ‘Pet Consumption’ *;) winking products (ask us if you don’t know what this means):  When milk is plentiful we’ll have good farmers cheeses, Kefir, buttermilk (best for cooking; the fluffiest pancakes ever!), unsalted creamy white butter, Whey

and of course Raw Milk, which is regularly priced at $9/half gal. or $17/gal. It’s always helpful to pre-order the raw dairy products if possible (

~~For our complete availability list (except for last minute items) check the bottom of this email.
~~Thanks for your support!!  See you at the Market Saturday *:) happy
Check this out from the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curbmarket Newsletter:Text to Win!

Keep up with Market news via text message!

  • Just to make it fun, we are running a weekly contest. Text Keyword CURB to 51660 to join our text program and enter to win $10 worth of Market Bucks, which can be spent with any Market vendor. Winners will be notified via text each Saturday.
  • What happens if you don’t win the week you joined? No worries! You can try again week after week. Just text CURB to 51660 each week (SundayFriday), and you’ll be entered for that week’s drawing!
~~We are always happy to take your used, clean plastic grocery bags (no garbage please) and green pint baskets that strawberries come in…Please remember to bring them to us this week…Thanks!
~~ Italian ischia sourdough starter

and Pizza dough, ready to use right away–active and ready to use (please pre-order this a week before so it can be activated) $9. Also, let me know ahead of time and we can have a Kombucha ‘mother’  available for making your own brew (also $9).

~~Raw Water Buffalo Milk sales: We normally sell milk in plastic half gallon containers @$9 and a convenient quart size plastic container for $5. If you would prefer quart or half gallon wide mouth glass containers there will be a $1& $2 deposit to cover the cost of the jars and you will need to let us know ahead of time by email. Kefir only comes in quart sized jars ($8 or $7 with a wide-mouth quart jar to trade). Butter comes in 8 oz. plastic containers for $8. Remember, this is for ‘Pet Consumption Only’ by Florida law. Your ‘Pet’ will be eating like royalty 🙂

~~We grow everything organically; all ‘chemicals’ are OMRI approved for Organic growers and our fertilizers consist of composted manures (buffalo and more) and fish emulsion. We are not Certified Organic as the cost and ongoing paperwork is prohibitive for ‘real’ farmers–and there are too many variances allowed for Corporate Organic farms.

Ecofarm is currently able to participate in only one market with super fresh, organically grown produce (not Certified) and other farm products for your convenience:

Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curbmarket Saturday8AM-2PM all year except August. We are located on Kentucky Avenue in front of Crispers restaurant. Check out the market website at

 and sign-up for the market e-newsletter. Dogs, children and fun galore!

Temple Terrace Farmers Market – Saturdays 9AM-1:00PM Summer Hours 9AM-Noon – A true Farmers Market – For more information check it out at:


Note: We have been providing some of our produce to this market and will continue to increase our support whenever possible. 

~~The Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curbmarket is now taking your EBT/SNAP cards; and you can double your dollars by purchasing Florida grown produce & honey!! There are about 25 of us selling honey, cane syrup, cottage industry foods, produce, breads, seeds, edible plants and more that qualifies for SNAP; and about six of us that can double your money with our produce, thanks to the Fresh from Florida program. The Market booth is set up at the south end of the market and they can explain the process and you can purchase tokens. Vendors participating in the program will have a sign in front of their booths. In addition, you can ride the bus free in Polk County to come to our market and participate in this program. Please pass the word!

Following are some of the products we may be bringing to the market this week:

Super-Nutra Loaf – Fresh weekly; full of seeds & nuts. New supply this week!
Pesto! Various Seasonal ingredients – great for seafood, pasta, potatoes and more! New supply this week!
Florida Red-Bay leaves – use like other dried bay leaves in soups, beans, etc. 
Tropical Pumpkins –  have small to large sizes available again!
Fresh Rosemary – We may bring a couple of small bags
Sweet potatoes – sweet tropical orange flesh & blue sweet potato, which is less sweet with lots of antioxidants; both yummy & super nutritious
Israeli basil – very heat & rain tolerant; tastes and smells wonderful!
Lemongrass culms/leaves – may be available most weeks
Okra – Good supply, but it goes fast
Ice Cream Bananas – this week
Starfruit – should have some this Saturday
Persimmons – Astringent (must be very ripe) & non-astringent (can eat hard, like an apple)
Homemade jams made with very little sugar (organic)   strawberry, strawberry/basil, peach 

Pure Cane syrup – Yes!  Give our own local, sustainable sweetness a try; not just for pancakes.
Luffa seed packets – not currently available
Luffa sponges – Check out the real thing–and no, they don’t come from the ocean!
Java Planet Coffees (whole bean, Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown & Bird Friendly!) Good Selection of single, blends, dark & medium roasts

Thanks for supporting local farmers, artists, musicians and craftspeople!

Debbie, Jon & Billy plus C.J. & Hayley–the kiddies that inspire us
Ecofarmers do it in the dirt!